Turnkey design and installation

As a specialized contractor, Cour à bois is able to carry out turnkey projects from design and manufacture to professional installation. This enables us to work hand-in-hand with designers, architects, engineers, developers and customers to create unique walkways that are perfectly integrated into their environment.

Harmony with nature and aesthetics at the heart of our objectives.

In addition to offering unique and memorable ways of accessing the site, our aim is to enrich the visitor experience through installations in harmony with nature.

A local wood species

Our products are distinguished by their use of solid or glulam Canadian wood. This stable, durable wood offers natural resistance to insects, rot and weather, and requires no preservatives or maintenance.

Certifications and sustainability

Our wood comes from Canadian forests managed according to the principles of sustainable development.

Environmental issues are prompting us to become more aware of our consumption habits and to make choices in line with the principles of sustainable development. By replacing energy-hungry and polluting building materials with noble materials like wood, we can make a real contribution to reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs).