Derived from the Greek word topos, meaning landscape, andutopia, meaning an imaginary ideal society.

Our ideal: to see children play freely in wooden play modules that are designed for them, beautiful, natural, untreated and durable.


Naturally well thought-out

More than a slogan, this principle is central to our designs. Combining biophilia, free play, aesthetics, ecological and innovative materials was no child's play. This evolution was a logical extension of our initial approach, revisited using today's technologies.

Making the various options modular so that they can be grafted onto our main modules to suit the available space and budget was quite a challenge.


The fruit of teamwork

To unite our values, realize our vision and succeed in our mission, we needed to surround ourselves with the ideal partners.

For the design, Cour à bois worked in conjunction with a well-known, award-winning local company.


Find a local wood species

Canadian cedar is the perfect choice for enhancing the value of this noble, ecological and renewable resource.

This stable, highly textured and extremely durable wood offers exceptional natural resistance to insects, decay and weather, and requires no preservatives or maintenance.

The possibilities of glulam

How can we make the most of Canadian wood with its incredible properties, but too small a diameter? That's where the possibilities offered by glulam manufacturing processes bring our vision to life. Angled or curved, for a world of possibilities.



Collection with curved lines

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