Protecting the environment is a key concern for Cour à bois , which promotes the use of wood as a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable natural resource.

At Cour à bois, our passion for wood as a building material has inspired us to develop urban furnishings and equipment made entirely of Canadian wood. Our selection of wood species is ideal for the design of playgrounds, walkways, gazebos, observation towers and other unique, reliable and environmentally-friendly installations.

Cour à bois - Natural solid wood playgrounds

... and a material of the future with infinite possibilities

Natural and maintenance-free, our wood species are the building materials of choice, adapting to their installation environments while resisting weather, insects and time. High-performance, durable, resistant, warm, aesthetic, antimagnetic... wood's many assets make it a building material of choice.

From a sustainable development perspective, building with wood also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Wood has the property of sequestering atmospheric CO2 in its fiber. As a result, it is generally estimated that 1 m3 of wood sequesters 1 tonne of CO2. Throughout its entire life cycle, from harvesting to end-of-life management, transport and processing, wood remains the resource with the least impact on the environment.

Adding value to raw materials

The Alaskan cypress logs in our billot collection come from selective tree-cutting, mainly carried out to thin out dense immature forests.

For the topia collection, our wood comes mainly from Canadian forests managed according to the principles of sustainable development.

Our footbridges, belvederes and observationtowers follow the same quality standards and use Canadian wood species with a view to sustainability.

Certifications and sustainability

Cour à bois uses only quality materials to design reliable, long-lasting buildings.

The playgrounds, walkways, lookouts and observation towers at Cour à bois, for example, are made from Canadian cedar. The choice of these wood species enables Cour à bois to offer its extensive customer base untreated, natural solutions.

Turnkey design and installation

As a specialist contractor, Cour à bois is able to carry out turnkey projects from design to manufacture, right through to professional installation. We can also create bespoke modules, working with architects, designers, engineers, developers and customers to create unique modules that are perfectly integrated into their environment.