Cour à bois designs playgrounds, observation towers, recreational walkways and pedestrian bridges for a multitude of activity sectors.

From design to manufacturing and installation, our skilled and experienced team is ready to take on every stage of your project.

Here are the main business sectors served by Cour à bois

Public and private developers

Whether you're a building contractor, a real estate developer, a civil engineer or the owner of a golf course, a shopping mall or any other location, you'll find in Cour à bois a partner able to support you in all your wood structure projects.


Cour à bois offers municipalities the opportunity to benefit from eco-responsible playgrounds, equipment and street furniture of unrivalled style. By prioritizing the use of wood, we offer plastic-free installation options for municipalities that are going green and want to move away from petroleum-based materials.


Opting for wood in educational spaces is an eco-responsible choice, while offering significant benefits for children's education, such as reduced anxiety, improved safety thanks to the absence of chemical preservatives, and a deep connection with nature that stimulates creativity and promotes physical activity for optimal learning.


Sensitive to the need to be in harmony with nature, resort customers appreciate the natural character of our play areas, furniture and wooden structures, which blend perfectly into the existing environment.


Originality, distinction and perfect integration are at the heart of the work of architects, landscape architects, designers, town planners and other professionals. Cour à bois supports you in the realization of your projects by offering turnkey installations or custom-built modules to suit the location.


Cour à Bois recreation and tourism structures, designed and built from natural wood, stand out for their originality and harmonious integration into their environment. Each creation is unique. Our installations are built in response to your needs and expectations, to offer attractive spaces that are accessible to all.


Cour à bois offers both standard and elaborate basic outdoor exercise courses, which can be combined with custom-designed modules to provide the right challenge for any civilian or military training session. Stable and durable, Cour à bois outdoor training structures are made from wood species that are particularly resistant to weather, insects and aging.

Here is a list of products with which Cour à bois can accompany you:

  • Play module
  • Gateway
  • Observation tower
  • Belvedere
  • Courtyard
  • Vehicle charging station
  • Furniture
  • Waiting area
  • Pergola
  • Shelter
  • Signage
  • Exercise structure

Natural Canadian wood

At Cour à bois, our passion for wood as a sustainable, ecological and versatile building material inspires us to design playgrounds and facilities with a unique character that blend naturally into their surroundings.

Whatever your project, you can be sure that using natural Canadian wood as the primary material will contribute to the durability and quality of your installation.